Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS)

The underlying assets are Mortgage Loans with mortgage guarantee for residential use, both directly and by Mortgage Participations (PHs) and/or Mortgage Transfer Certificates (CTHs), issued by the assignor entities to be transferred to the fund.

Funds included in this category:

Active Funds

SLF-2, FT07/23/2020
SLF FIRE, FT12/23/2019
HT Abanca RMBS II, Fondo de Titulización780,000,000.00€12/20/2017
HT Abanca RMBS I, Fondo de Titulización738,000,000.00€05/20/2016
FTA 2015, FTA3,841,700,000.00€04/15/2015
Caja Ingenieros AyT.2 , FTA450,000,000.00€02/10/2012
AyT Goya Hipotecario V, FTA1,400,000,000.00€12/23/2011
AyT Goya Hipotecario IV, FTA1,300,000,000.00€04/15/2011
AyT Goya Hipotecario III, FTA4,000,000,000.00€12/17/2010
AyT ICO-FTVPO Caja Vital Kutxa, FTA155,000,000.00€02/11/2009
AyT Génova Hipotecario XII, FTH800,000,000.00€07/16/2008
AyT Colaterales Global Hipotecario, FTA. Serie Caja Cantabria I230,000,000.00€07/09/2008
AyT Colaterales Global Hipotecario, FTA. Serie BBK II1,000,000,000.00€04/10/2008
AyT Colaterales Global Hipotecario, FTA. Serie CCM I800,000,000.00€12/28/2007
AyT Génova Hipotecario XI, FTH1,200,000,000.00€12/13/2007
AyT Colaterales Global Hipotecario, FTA. Serie Vital I199,900,000.00€07/24/2007
GC PASTOR HIPOTECARIO 5, FTA710,500,000.00€06/26/2007
AyT CajaGranada Hipotecario I, FTA400,000,000.00€06/26/2007
AyT Génova Hipotecario X, FTH1,050,000,000.00€06/21/2007
AyT Colaterales Global Hipotecario, FTA. Serie BBK I1,500,000,000.00€04/24/2007
AyT Kutxa Hipotecario II, FTA1,200,000,000.00€02/12/2007
AyT Génova Hipotecario IX, FTH1,000,000,000.00€11/30/2006
AyT Hipotecario Mixto V, FTA675,000,000.00€07/18/2006
AyT Génova Hipotecario VIII, FTH2,100,000,000.00€06/07/2006
AyT Hipotecario BBK II, FTA1,000,000,000.00€06/07/2006
AyT Kutxa Hipotecario I, FTA750,000,000.00€05/25/2006
AyT Génova Hipotecario VII FTH1,400,000,000.00€11/23/2005
AyT Génova Hipotecario VI FTH700,000,000.00€06/09/2005
AyT Hipotecario BBK I, FTA1,000,000,000.00€06/08/2005
AyT Hipotecario Mixto III, FTA370,000,000.00€04/27/2005

Liquidated Funds